Metallic touches are not uncommon in a wedding color scheme and this year’s hottest contenders are copper and rose gold. Both offer a unique and more contemporary touch to your wedding scheme. Rose gold, which is actually a mix of yellow gold with a small amount of copper, has a more pinkish, softer tone then copper but both make excellent options depending on your wedding style. We’re going to focus on copper wedding themes and look at a variety of styles; from modern to vintage, woodsy to beach-side and even ultra luxe.

Retro Copper Wedding Themes

For retro, bohemian style weddings, copper is a great choice to add a touch of glam without distracting from the style of the wedding. Mixed with autumn colors, like this retro style fall wedding, copper makes a great choice!

Glam Copper Wedding Themes

Metallic touches, in general, are a great way to add glam to a wedding theme. Copper works well with dark, rich colors like emerald green or navy blue when trying to create a glamorous copper wedding theme.

Vintage Copper Wedding Themes

The brown undertones of copper make it the perfect metallic for a vintage or rustic wedding theme. When matched with vintage colors and rustic materials like twine and mason jars, you get a gorgeous look that still has a touch of glam.

Tropical Copper Wedding Themes

Mixing copper with oversized dark green leaves, white tropical blooms and pineapple accents creates a tropical theme with a modern, edgy feel.

Beach Copper Wedding Themes

The brownish tone to copper makes it the most “natural” feeling metallic option and mixing copper with beachy colors like greens and blues is a great way to create a beach inspired wedding theme.

Romantic Copper Wedding Themes

Adding copper to romantic tones of blush pinks, pale blues, soft greens or purples greats a wedding theme that is soft and romantic but with a modern twist.

Woodsy Copper Wedding Themes

Adding copper to a color palette of rich, earthy colors along with plenty of greenery and bold florals creates a woodsy feel with a touch of glam and plenty of welcoming warmth.

Modern Copper Wedding Themes

Copper is the perfect choice when working with a modern, monochromatic wedding theme of greys. The unique look and more muted color of copper warms up the cool greys without losing the modern feel. A silver might get lost in the mix and a gold, while it would add warmth, would add a more traditional feel then copper does.

For more great copper wedding themes, check out our Copper Wedding Ideas board on Pinterest!


March 12, 2018


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